Everybody in the state of Florida is entitled to be released, minus a few exceptions. And, what the court does is determine whether or not you can be released without any money being posted up front. If because of the crime or the person’s prior criminal history, there is some concern about a person’s future attendance in court, the court will want some guarantee that the person is going to arrive. So they idea behind it is the person will pull up a sum of money that would cause them to think twice before just leaving the area and not showing up to court. If you person posts a cash bond, that money is returned to him at the end of the criminal proceeding. There are some crimes that we talked about. Crimes punishable by death. Crimes punishable by life imprisonment. Someone accused of these crimes is not entitled by right to a bond, but every other crime in the state of Florida, the person is entitled to a bond as a matter of right.

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