For parents in Tampa Bay, investigating paternity is sometimes necessary to protect your rights as a parent and provide peace of mind.

Paternity is the legal and social acknowledgment of the parental relationship between a child and their father. Although the child’s connection to the mother may be readily apparent, the same is not always true for the father.

Sometimes, the father, the mother or both parties request a confirmation of paternity to satisfy questions about the child’s custody and other legal matters. This is handled through a paternity test that provides evidence to establish whether a certain man is the true genetic father of the child involved.

The circumstance of paternity in question is much more than just the results of a paternity test and a legal case. It is a deeply emotional issue for parents and their children. The outcome of the paternity test can rattle everyone’s lives and affect their entire futures.

For men, proving paternity allows a man to confirm his legal role of being a child’s father. This confirmation allows him to engage his child as an active parent and provide financial and emotional support.

For women, proving paternity may legally establish the identity of the father. This finding may make him responsible for fulfilling his financial and support obligations to his child.

For children, establishing paternity clarifies the identify of their genetic parent, which may affect who they live with, who supports them financially and certain future decisions about medical and legal matters.

During this potentially emotional and life-changing time, you can turn to the Tampa Bay paternity lawyers at Kemp Law for legal advice and support. We are an experienced legal firm with a passion for helping our clients in paternity cases.

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Paternity cases are some of the most emotionally-charged cases you will ever experience and an attorney will ever handle. From basic genetic paternity to who will receive custody of your child, sometimes all of this is in question. We understand your situation must be approached with kindness and care.

Below, we provide some common answers to questions about Florida paternity laws. However, every situation is unique. Contact us for a case evaluation that will address your individual Tampa Bay paternity case.

Why are paternity tests necessary?

When a couple lives together as a child’s parents, there is a legal and societal presumption that the child’s father is their biological father. Sometimes it becomes clear that this is not the case or the father questions their own genetic connection to a child. In these situations, a paternity test is required for clarity.

What is a legal father?

In Florida, a child does not have a legal father if the mother is unmarried when the child is born. A child born to two married parents has a legal father. When paternity is in question, the legal father may or may not be established as the genetic parent through the use of a DNA test. The court will establish the paternity of the child based on the test.

How reliable are genetic paternity tests?

According to medical experts, a DNA paternity test is the world’s most accurate testing method and can show that a man is a genetic father with 99.9% accuracy. A paternity test can also show that a man is excluded as being the father with 100% accuracy.

How does a paternity test exclude a father?

A paternity test can exclude a man who is not the biological father because his genetic material does not match the child. A paternity test can also show the likelihood of paternity if a man is not excluded. However, a paternity test cannot reveal the identity of an unknown father. Each potential father will need to be tested to clarify their genetic connection to an individual child.

Can someone be forced to take a paternity test in Florida?

Maybe. If there is a dispute about the identity of a father, a judge may order a DNA test to determine the correct biological father of a child. However, you usually can’t be forced to participate in a paternity test without a court order.

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