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Divorce is a complex and emotional process that can be very difficult to navigate without expert legal help. Beyond the legal concerns, you may be concerned about the impact on your children and feeling very exhausted emotionally, physically and financially.

The divorce process involves separating property, sorting through bills and financial responsibilities, establishing child custody, determining child support, creating a child visitation schedule, alimony and much more. Along the way, you’ll have to make complex decisions and try to communicate with a soon-to-be-ex-spouse who may be very difficult to deal with.

America’s divorce rate has actually been dropping since the 1980’s, when about 50% of all marriages ended in divorce. Today, about 39% of marriages result in divorce. Fewer people are getting married and many couples are cohabitating for decades before, or rather than, getting married.

Divorce can be tough for kids. Psychological studies show the more smoothly a divorce is handled, the better the results will be for the children. The American Psychological Association describes a healthy breakup between parents is one that minimizes hostility and uses calm interpersonal communication.

The experienced divorce attorneys at Kemp Law can help you handle your divorce in a smooth, caring and efficient way. We’ll give you a voice in the legal system during your divorce, protecting your rights and your children’s best interests.

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You deserve compassionate legal support and clear communication during your divorce. In the Tampa Bay region, Kemp Law divorce attorneys will talk with you directly and provide you with a free, confidential case evaluation. By choosing us, you are choosing not only a lawyer, but an entire law firm that will tirelessly represent your interests.

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You probably have many questions about filing for divorce in Florida. To help you find answers, we are sharing background information about Florida divorce laws. Of course, every divorce is unique and must be given individual attention. For more information about your divorce, contact us for a free case evaluation.

What is an “Equitable Distribution” State?

Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means marital assets are not automatically split 50/50 during a divorce. Instead, assets are split equitably as determined by a judge or by mutual agreement of the two parties involved.

Note that equitable does not mean “equal.” Equitable means the split should be fair. Factors that could influence the definition of “fair” include the duration of the marriage, whether or not a pre-nuptial agreement was drafted, and the financial contributions of each person. Any of these factors could radically impact how assets are divided.

How is Child Custody Handled in Florida?

The Florida courts have created guidelines that help determine what is in the best interests of the children, which is the primary factor. This includes the relationship between the parents and child, the stability of the parent, basic needs like food and clothing, financial records and the mental and physical health of everyone involved.

Because there can be wide variation in how the best interests of children are determined, you need an experienced divorce lawyer who can fully support you during this process.

Will One or Both Parents Pay Child Support?

There is no easy, one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Under Florida’s child support statutes, payment of child support is based on the needs of the child or children, their age, their station in life, their standard of living and the financial status and ability of each parent. Your income, including any bonuses, freelance income and other extra income, could be scrutinized in detail. Either or both parents may end up paying child support and there is no presumption that a mother is entitled to custody or child support any more than a father. Consult your Tampa Bay divorce attorney if you believe the other parent may be trying to deprive you of your rights.

How Is Child Visitation Established?

During your divorce, you will be required to establish a time-sharing child visitation schedule for any children involved. The time-sharing plan will include schedules for weekdays, weekends, holidays, vacations and any special medical or other needs for the children. The state of Florida encourages parents to do this together in a harmonious way, but if they are unable to do so the court will create a schedule. The child’s best interests are always at the heart of visitation schedules.

Will My Divorce Include Paying Alimony?

Under Florida law, alimony may be granted to either party. The four types of alimony are permanent, temporary, reimbursement and rehabilitative. Factors taken into consideration include the duration of the marriage, age, health, earning capacity, responsibilities, current family lifestyle circumstances and much more. You’ll likely need a divorce lawyer’s help in evaluating a request for alimony.

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The way you handle your divorce proceeding will affect your life forever. For this reason alone, you deserve the best and most compassionate legal representation. That’s why you need a Tampa Bay divorce lawyer who can help you understand all aspects of your case and facilitate a resolution with your ex-spouse or the co-parent of your children.

You deserve the kind of professional, personalized help we provide. We are experienced divorce lawyers who care deeply about our clients and will help you protect your rights during the divorce process. We serve Tampa Bay and the surrounding area from six convenient locations, including Pasco, Clearwater, Hernando, Westshore, Tampa and Carrolwood. Contact us for a consultation about your divorce. We’re here to assist you today.

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