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PERSONAL INJURY   |  August 3, 2022
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Worker’s Compensation Insurance was started to protect employees who are injured while at work. The program is designed to cover medical costs and pay partial wages while the employee is unable to work. It sounds like a very straightforward program, but many injured employees are treated unfairly. To protect your rights to receive compensation for a work injury, speak with an attorney from Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group.

Injured employees must be careful that the insurance company treats them fairly. Insurance adjustors like to delay and deny claims in an effort to save money. Adjustors are also likely to push for a return to work before the doctor believes that you should return. Returning to work before your personal injury is healed could lead to additional harm. When you have an attorney managing your claim, they will ensure that you do not return to work until the doctor approves.

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Kemp Ruge and Green Law Group provide quality legal services for a variety of issues. In addition to personal injury law, we also provide complete family law services. We can help you with anything from divorce to establishing paternity. Domestic violence issues, child support or visitation changes, or any other family-related issue can be managed through our office.

Our law group also provides criminal defense. If you have been charged with a crime, you do not have to face the trial on your own. Protect your rights and speak with one of our defense attorneys today.

Tampa area residents also know the hardships that come with filing a property insurance claim. Don’t let the insurance companies reduce your claim for property damages from storms, fires, sinkholes, or other disasters. Schedule a free consultation today.

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