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Blog   |  June 2, 2014
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If you’ve noticed any of the graduation announcements on Facebook, Twitter, the radio or the news, then you know it must be June. So, first and foremost: congratulations to all of our local seniors! Your community is proud of you and is excited for your next step.

Now, for this month’s newsletter, we want to share with you some important tips to keep us all safer. In addition, we want to tell you about some of the recent accolades we’ve received through our commitment to you and this community. However, before we do that, we want to invite everyone to a very special event for a State Trooper who needs our help.

Concert For Jimmy

Veteran Trooper Jimmy Johnson is suffering from cancer and needs our support. This Saturday, June 7th, we will be co-sponsoring a benefit concert for him at Weeki Wachi Springs State Park. There will be lots of live music, food and door prizes. Before the concert, there will be an escorted motorcycle ride as well.

Registration for the ride starts at 9 am. Kickstands up at 11 am. The concert, featuring Tampa’s premier country band, Jersey Dirt, will play from 12 pm to 4 pm. Donations are $15 per rider/$10 per passenger/$10 walk-ins.

Since we value our newsletter subscribers, we have an exclusive contest just for you. If you want to win four tickets to this event, here’s what to do:

1. Respond to this email with “Trooper Jimmy” in the subject line.

2. Include your contact information.

3. Wait for our call on Wednesday, when we notify the winner.

3 Tips For Driving In The Rain

The combination of hard rain and rush hour traffic led to a lot of accidents this morning. As I was driving passed the accidents, I could not help but think of all the tips I have received over the years about using precautions when driving in the rain. I wondered if any of these tips could have helped those drivers today. Granted, being from the Tampa Bay area, I (and anyone else who’s from here or lived here more than a year) have been told a number of techniques for driving in the rain. However, because we all know so much, we tend to pay more attention to the minutia, instead of the obvious.

What is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage and Why You Need It

For a lot of people in Florida, auto insurance is a “necessary evil” one must purchase. And, if you live in Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, or Pinellas County, life without a car is a tough one to say the least. So what do you do? You get the auto insurance! However, many people just get the cheapest one they can find. Unfortunately, cheap auto insurance is cheap because it covers very little. This fact, in and of itself, does not scare many drivers, because a lot of them use the rationale “I’m a great driver. I don’t speed. I don’t text and drive. I don’t drink and drive. And, I ALWAYS pay attention. If I am ever in an accident, it’s going to be someone else’s fault and the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover it.” So it begs the question, why in the world would I ever spend extra money on uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage? Well, the Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group has the answer.

Relay For Life: Trinity

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Relay For Life in Trinity last month and to everyone who came out to the Relay For Life in New Port Richey in April. Through your generosity, we were able to contribute over $1,100 to the American Cancer Society. Also, two gorgeous flat screen televisions now have new homes. Hopefully, by the time next year rolls around, we won’t need another Relay for Life. Hopefully, cancer will be cured by then. But, if we do, you will see us there.

Business of the Year Nominee

We have been nominated for the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award! The award winner will be announced later this month, but we wanted to thank all of you for making us worthy of this year’s nomination.

Business Woman of the Year

Attorney Stacy Kemp has been nominated for the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Business Woman of the Year award for the second year in a row. Congratulations, Attorney Kemp!

Thank you all for taking the time read our newsletter. Good luck in all our upcoming contests, and let us know if there is a legal topic you would like us to discuss in our next blog post. We would be happy to do that for you.

As always, if you or someone you know needs legal advice, do not hesitate to contact Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group. Your initial consultation is free.


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