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Blog   |  September 24, 2015
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If you travel or live in New Port Richey, then you need a car accident guide for the area. Most car accidents occur close to home. According to Progressive Insurance survey, “52 percent of reported crashes occurred five miles or less from home and a whopping 77 percent occurred fifteen miles or less from home.”

Thus, it is imperative that you not only know what to do in general regarding an auto accident, but you should also have specific plans involving what to do in the area you drive most. We have already written the general guide for “what you should do after an auto accident” but what we are presenting you now is a guide specific to the New Port Richey area. It will cover which local branches of law enforcement will be involved, where the closest hospitals are (with maps) and one very important final tip to help your case.

You already know to dial 911 after your accident; however, you still may need their non-emergency numbers after that initial call. Many of our clients vary in their injuries after a car crash. While the police usually arrive quickly to serious accidents that are blocking traffic, the police may take longer to arrive to the scene of less severe auto crashes. If you have already dialed 911 to alert them of your accident, and you are not in imminent danger, you should not call them back to find out when someone will show up. You need to call the appropriate law enforcement agency, and we will share with you who that is based on where your automobile accident occurred.

There are 3 primary law enforcement agencies that are associated with auto crashes in New Port Richey: the Florida Highway Patrol, Pasco County Sheriff’s Department, and the New Port Richey Police Department. Below is a map of the New Port Richey city limits, and if your accident occurs within those limits, then the New Port Richey Police will be handling your case. If your accident happens outside of that area, then your accident will be referred to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Google Map Data: NPR Police and FHP

Now, you have probably seen the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department at accidents in the past, and you may be wondering what their area is. Well, it does not have one. It does not handle auto accidents. Whenever you see a Deputy Sheriff with his or her lights on by an accident or putting out cones, he is assisting one of the other two departments until they can get an officer there. Also, the Deputy Sheriff is in contact with whichever law enforcement branch is supposed to handle the call, so he or she can update you on how long your wait will be. The numbers and locations for these agencies are as follows:

  • New Port Richey Police Department is located at 6739 Adams St, New Port Richey, FL 34652 and the phone number is (727) 841-4550.
  • Pasco Sheriff’s Department is located at 8700 Citizen Drive, New Port Richey, FL 34654 and the phone number is (727) 847-5878.
  • Florida Highway Patrol Pasco Station is located at 17028 Ayers Road, Brooksville, FL 34604 and the phone number is (352) 797-5738.
Closest Hospitals:

A lot of factors go into which hospital an auto accident victim will be admitted to, such as: the severity of the crash, the specialties of the hospital, the location of the hospital, the patients’ wishes and insurance considerations. Because of these factors, one could end up in a hospital outside of the New Port Richey area even if their car accident occurred there. However, usually, ambulances in this area rush off to Morton Plant Memorial North Bay Hospital, Medical Center of Trinity or Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point.

Morton Plant Memorial Hospital:

If proximity to the accident were your only concern, this hospital would be your best bet for accidents occurring in downtown New Port Richey at intersections like Main Street and Grand Blvd, Main Street and US 19, etc. This hospital is located at 6600 Madison Street, New Port Richey, FL 34652, and their phone number is (727) 842-8468.

Google Map Data: Morton Plant Memorial North Bay Hospital

Medical Center of Trinity:

This hospital is your closest option if your auto accident occurs close to the South/South East part of New Port Richey, especially in the Trinity area. High traffic accident intersections in this area would be places like State Road 54 and Little Road or State Road 54 and Trinity Blvd. This hospital is located at 9330 State Road 54, Trinity, FL 34655 and the phone number is (727) 834-4000.

Google Map Data: Medical Center of Trinity

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point:

Victims of automobile crashes that occur a few miles north of Ridge Road would find this hospital closest. The address for it is 14000 Fivay Rd, Hudson, FL, 34667, and the phone number is (727) 819-2929.

Google Map Data: Regional Medical Center of Bayonet Point

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point:

Hunting down auto accident footage is a forte of our firm. Finding footage of your accident can be critical to your case, so we scour the area for our clients. Our experience with auto accidents in New Port Richey suggests that New Port Richey does not have as much video surveillance as people think. For example, New Port Richey does not have nearly the number of traffic cameras as downtown Tampa, nor does it have the number of businesses that have street facing video recordings. Additionally, there are many stretches of road that do not even have storefronts. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do if there are no cameras around. If there are cameras, there is something you can do to help get that footage…provided you act quickly.

The most frustrating situation we encounter is when a business would have had footage of our client’s car accident had the business been contacted within 48 hours. While businesses may have recordings, if there was nothing of note for the business to look at, then it erases the footage. Furthermore, since most clients do not officially hire an attorney within the first 48 hours, there is nothing we can do to get back that footage. However, here is what you can do to help your case.

If you are able, take note of the businesses in the area. Even if a camera may not be visible to you, write down the business’s information anyway. Contact those businesses as soon as you can. If you are not able to contact them due to your injuries, then ask someone else to do it for you if possible. In our experience, most businesses have been very accommodating to providing footage in these situations, and having it may make your case that much stronger.


We hope you enjoyed our New Port Richey Car Accident Guide. As we learn more information and improve our techniques, we will be updating this guide so that everyone living or traveling in the New Port Richey area will be prepared for any auto accident they face. If you have any suggestions or comments, let us know. If you enjoyed our article, then please share or tweet about it on your preferred social media. Check back with us soon for more tips, and as always, if you are or someone you know needs legal advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Your New Port Richey Personal Injury Attorneys are here to give you solid legal advice, amazing representation and earn you the best possible outcome for your case.

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