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CAR ACCIDENTS   |  September 29, 2020
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SARASOTA, FL – A crash closed the majority of the intersection of U.S. 41 and Stickney Point Road early Wednesday morning.

On the Sarasota Manatee RTMC Twitter page, it was reported the incident blocked all eastbound and two westbound lanes Stickney Point Road and all southbound and two northbound lanes of U.S. 41 were closed. The crash occurred around 6:36 a.m.

It is unclear what caused the crash or if anyone was injured. The photo posted on Twitter does show a white vehicle flipped upside down.

Many things can go wrong in an intersection to result in a crash. Such as, a driver fails to at yield a traffic light, runs a red light, or goes through the intersection too quickly. Any of those factors can lead to an accident. Were you injured in an intersection crash in Sarasota? You might be entitled to compensation. A Sarasota car accident lawyer knows the ins and outs of all Florida driving laws. At Kemp Law Group Law Group we will fight on your behalf for maximum possible compensation. Get started with a free consultation where we can answer your case specific questions. Call us at 727-853-6034 or respond in our online chat box to request your free consultation.

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