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On July 5, 2022, a pickup truck traveling eastbound on Lakeview Drive in Spring Hill struck a man that was lying on the road. The accident occurred around 2:30 in the morning. The police are investigating the accident and determining why the man was lying on the road. The driver and his passenger were not injured. The pedestrian was declared deceased at the scene.

Everyday There Are Pedestrian Accidents In The Tampa Area

This is a very unusual pedestrian accident since it is unknown why the man was lying on the road before being struck by the pickup truck. However, pedestrian accidents in the Tampa area are not uncommon. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of personal injury in the area.

Many people visit the Tampa area for recreation and entertainment. The number of visitors that this area has increases the amount of pedestrian traffic in many areas. Because of this, there are more pedestrian accidents. To avoid these accidents, pedestrians are encouraged to always:

* Cross the street at designated areas

* Never dart out between cars on foot or bicycles

* Wear reflective clothing if you are going to be out at night

* Be aware of cars turning right – the most common cause of pedestrian accidents

Your life can be changed dramatically from the injuries received in a pedestrian accident. If you have been injured in this type of event, it will be beneficial to speak with one of the personal injury attorneys at Kemp, Ruge, and Green. Our law firm manages personal injury, family law, and other types of cases.
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