Slip & Fall Accidents - What You Need to Know
Uncategorized   |  September 7, 2023
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Slip & Fall Accidents – What You Need to Know

Daily, slip and fall mishaps occur, sometimes without anyone’s culpability. However, certain slip and fall occurrences result from negligence on either an individual’s or an organization’s part. In these circumstances, understanding your legal recourse becomes imperative.

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Understanding Slip & Fall Incidents

Slip and fall incidents transpire when someone loses footing due to a hazard, whether it’s an uneven, ridged, or smooth surface, leading to backward falls and resultant injuries. Consider the example of slipping on an icy patch while strolling on a sidewalk. Likewise, if a Tampa resident slips in a restaurant that fails to exhibit a “caution wet floor” sign after mopping, it constitutes a slip and fall incident, potentially warranting a personal injury claim.

Such incidents are far from rare. The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) indicates that falls result in “over 8 million hospital emergency room visits” annually, topping the list for hospital revisits across the nation. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 220,000 workplace incidents involving falls, slips, and trips in just 2017.

In Florida, unintentional falls rank as the primary cause of death among residents aged 65 and above. In 2012, there were over 62,000 hospitalizations due to nonfatal injuries stemming from slips and falls.

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Where Do Slip & Fall Incidents Happen?

Slip and fall incidents can materialize in diverse settings, including:

Commercial premises
Outdoor public spaces, like sidewalks
Public swimming pools
Residential areas

Typical Slip & Fall Injuries

Injuries arising from slip and fall incidents vary from person to person but commonly encompass:

Fractures, such as broken wrists or tailbones
Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) like concussions
Gashes and lacerations

It’s evident that these injuries span the spectrum from minor to severe, incurring considerable costs for victims such as hefty medical bills, prolonged hospital stays, and missed work hours.

Should you or a loved one endure a slip and fall incident, the potential to file a claim or lawsuit might exist. Successfully pursuing compensation necessitates establishing another party’s negligence and demonstrating your limited responsibility for the injuries.

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