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Blog   |  January 7, 2015
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According to Kelly Blue Book, last May was an exceptionally strong month for US auto sales. With over 1.6 million sold, May was the highest monthly total since 2005. Among some of the leading sellers were SUVs, such as the Ford Escape, Buick Encore, Hyundai Santa Fe and Nissan Rogue. Even though there were already a number of SUV’s on the road before last month, there will be even more this summer. Unfortunately, SUV’s do not handle like your average sedan. While most people realize this in theory, they still are not quite ready to make all the adjustments necessary to operate a vehicle that is so much different than a car. As Tampa Personal Injury Attorneys, we handle a number of cases involving SUV accidents that could have easily been avoided. Therefore, we wanted to just share with you all some helpful SUV driving tips.

Be Mindful Of Smaller Automobiles

SUV ‘s provide their drivers a better view than traditional automobiles. They sit higher and can see more. However, smaller automobiles do not have this ability. In addition, smaller automobiles cannot see over or around an SUV, thus dangerous situations may occur. For example, sometimes people must brake for a variety of reasons on highways and interstates where traditionally there is no reason to. If you are in an SUV, the person behind you cannot see why you are braking. They may just assume that you are slightly adjusting your speed, not that you are significantly slowing down for an accident or some other cause. Thus, it is especially important to brake early and lightly in these situations. While there may not be much you can do about being rear-ended, this is your best option.

Avoid the Roof Rack

Yes, one of the major appeals of SUV’s is the roof rack. SUV commercials promote happy families loading one up with kayaks and bicycles on their way to a joyous outdoor adventure. However, adding weight to the roof rack can disrupt the balance of the SUV and make it easier to flip. If you must use the roof rack, be extra cautious going around turns and avoid sudden lane changes.

Pay Attention to the Speed Limit

It is not safe to go over the speed limit in any car, but especially in an SUV. For example, if someone driving an SUV is going ten miles over the speed limit and the approaching light turns red, a quick stop is not something larger vehicle handle very well. As Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers, we have handled so many cases along streets like Kennedy Boulevard and Hillsborough Avenue that could have been avoided had the SUVs involved been going the speed limit and/or broke slower. Therefore get accustomed to breaking at a slower pace; breaking slowly increases the chance of being in control of the vehicle.

Be Aware of the Weather:

Different weather conditions call for different styles of driving. In rainy weather, driving slower is appropriate. Although there is a speed limit, driving in such conditions calls for going with the flow of traffic even if it is less than the limit. In windy conditions, firmly gripping the steering wheel gives better control and decreases the chances of the wind swaying your car. Under normal weather conditions, maintaining the proper speed limit and being an alert driver is the way to go.

Be careful of the weight

A midsize SUV weights between 3,700 to 5,000 pounds, avoid adding unnecessary weight to decrease the difficulties of stopping and turning. Too much weight in a SUV makes sharp turns very dangerous and can greater increase the chances of a vehicle flipping over. Also, too much weight in a SUV runs down the tires quicker and wears out the breaks…not to mention, it is really bad for gas mileage.

If you all have any other tips, feel free to let us know. We would love to add more, so we can keep all our SUV drivers out there as safe as possible.

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