5 Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident - From an Award-Winning Injury Law Firm In Tampa Florida
Uncategorized   |  June 5, 2023
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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident – From an Award-Winning Injury Law Firm In Tampa Florida

Car accident in tampa florida

Motor accidents are a regular & unfortunate occurrence in Tampa, Florida. With a high influx of vehicles, crowded roads, & a mounting number of absent-minded drivers; it’s crucial to be informed about what to do if you land in a car accident. We’ll run through five typical errors folks commit after a car accident & how to sidestep them.

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1. Not Calling the Police

One of the most vital steps to embark upon after a car accident is alerting the police. Several individuals wrongly surmise that they aren’t required to bring in the authorities; particularly if the accident looks minor or there aren’t any conspicuous injuries. Yet, possessing a police report is indispensable for a few reasons:

A police report offers formal documentation of the accident, proving valuable in a personal injury claim or lawsuit. The officer gathers testimonials from everyone involved, and any onlookers, which can assist in determining fault and liability in the accident. The officer might distribute citations for traffic violations, which can back up your assertion of negligence by the other driver.

Always alert the police after a car accident, no matter how inconsequential it might seem. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

2. Admitting Fault or Apologizing

In the aftermath of a collision, feelings can escalate, & it’s normal to feel compelled to apologize or assume responsibility for the incident. However, accepting fault or uttering “I’m sorry” can hinder your personal injury claim. Anything you express at the accident scene could be used against you later in court or during settlement negotiations.

Instead, concentrate on checking for injuries, ringing up the police, & swapping contact and insurance data with the other driver. Allow the police, insurance adjusters, & personal injury lawyers to decide who’s at fault. Just as you wouldn’t play poker with your cards face-up, don’t give away your hand at the scene of an accident.

3. Failing to Gather Evidence

After ascertaining that everyone involved in the accident is safe & alerting the police, it’s crucial to gather evidence at the scene. This includes:

Snapping photos of the damage to all vehicles involved, the overall accident scene, and any conspicuous injuries.

Gathering contact details from onlookers who may have witnessed the accident.

Writing down the details of the accident, like location, time, weather conditions, and a narrative of the events leading up to the collision.

This evidence could be instrumental in backing up your personal injury claim & proving the other driver’s negligence.

4. Delaying Medical Treatment

If you’ve suffered injuries in a car accident, seeking medical attention is essential. Postponing medical treatment can adversely affect your personal injury claim in a few ways:

It gives the insurance company room to argue that your injuries weren’t enough to require immediate medical attention.

It can be challenging to prove that your injuries were a consequence of the accident if you wait too long to seek treatment.

In addition to safeguarding your health, seeking prompt medical care can fortify your personal injury claim & boost your chances of securing fair compensation. Just like a chain, your personal injury claim is only as strong as its weakest link, and without prompt medical attention, your case might just be that weak link.

5. Attempting to Handle Your Claim Without a Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury claims can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with the physical & emotional aftermath of a car accident. Some benefits of working with car accident lawyers Tampa include:

Sound knowledge of personal injury laws in Tampa, Florida, & handling analogous cases.

The capacity to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf, ensuring you secure a fair settlement.

Guidance & support throughout the entire legal process, from lodging your claim to representing you in court if necessary.

Trying to handle your claim without a personal injury lawyer could result in a lower settlement or even a total denial of your claim. Don’t gamble with your financial future by attempting to steer through the legal system single-handedly.

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Motor accidents in Tampa, Florida, can be physically & emotionally devastating. By dodging these five typical mistakes, you can protect your rights & amplify your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries. Always remember to call the police, avoid accepting fault, collect evidence, seek medical help promptly, and consult with a car accident lawyer Florida to ensure the best possible result for your case.

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