More often than not, the at-fault driver is unlicensed, uninsured or underinsured, or is committing another crime such as driving under the influence. No matter the situation, if the at-fault driver leaves the scene of the accident the injured victim may be burdened with medical expenses that exceed insurance coverage and possibly other costs paid through the compensation fund awarded by criminal courts.

Unfortunately, this leaves the victim with the only option of filing a claim with their own insurance provider’s underinsured or uninsured motorist policy coverage (UIM). Unfortunately some drivers that become victims of hit-and-runs do not always have substantial coverage for UIM accidents, and insurance companies spend crucial time trying to investigate who the driver was, and what their insurance information is. During this time, if the victim was seriously injured, there is little time to spare waiting for an investigation to conclude due to their need for medical treatment. The appropriate authorities within the jurisdiction of the accident will be called to investigate, however many cases go unsolved by detectives.

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Our team at Kemp Law Group can help speed up the process with your insurance company by filing the appropriate claims for your specific needs. Many times it is difficult to communicate, or even get in contact with insurance adjusters, but with our knowledge and relationships with many insurance providers, we can help you get the medical care, guidance and compensation that you deserve. Take as many pictures as possible, get all the witness information possible, and contact us immediately if you are a victim. The longer the delay the more difficult it will be to track down the at-fault party, and settle the claim in your best interests. We are available 24/7 and we genuinely want to help you move on with your life after a tragic accident such as a hit-and-run.

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Penalties & Criminal Charges in Hit-and-Run Accidents


History and Statistics Behind Hit-and-Runs

These are the posted minimum consequences of hit-and-run convictions for the perpetrator:

Property Damage Only:

Second Degree Misdemeanor with 60 days in state prison/$500 fine

Hit-and-run with Injury:

Second/Third Degree felony / Suspended license - minimum 3 years / 5 years in state prison / $5000 fine

Hit-and-Run with Fatality:

First Degree Felony / Suspended license - minimum 3 years / Mandatory minimum of 4 years in state prison / $10,000 fine

There are also numerous reports of hit-and-runs that occurred and resulted in fatalities during the dark hours of the day including dawn, nighttime and dusk according to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. These accidents happen 84% of each accident. They calculated that last year (2021) the fatalities from these hit-and-runs happened during dark hours of the day. In total, 310 people died from these accidents.

Bottom line, if you are involved in an accident that has resulted in a hit-and-run charge you must stay at the scene. Not only is it the law, it’s the right thing to do and Florida law heavily enforces that. The Sunshine State will remain filled with people that take responsibility for their actions.

Summary of Steps to Take if Victimized by a Hit-and-Run:


Seek Medical Attention:

Your health is the number one priority. You cannot complete any further steps without this bottom line. It all starts with you. Do not refuse any ambulance if you are injured. These records are crucial, and we will make sure these monetary charges ultimately do not affect your life or credit before your case is settled.


Call 911:

Make a police report, this will help any case that you can and will pursue. If you do not call the appropriate authorities immediately, later on your credibility will be jeopardized and this is something that you need to prove in court. Regardless of how obvious fault may seem to you at the time, what’s on paper and presented to the Judge will determine if you get the compensation you deserve as a victim. If you do not hire an attorney you may not be able to present your case in a way that is in the best interest to you.


Take Pictures Of Everything Possible:

We are lucky enough in modern day to have the ability to take pictures of everything. Take advantage, and remember your smartphone is your best asset, especially times involving any accident. These pictures and recordings could make or break your case. And if you hire an experienced attorney you will be guided through the process of documenting evidence post accident. More often than not, victims do not realize that they can still document numerous documents or property damage that will help their case against the defendant, in both civil and criminal cases. With Kemp you will not have to worry about either case, we are a large firm and our experience in handling simultaneous civil and criminal cases is unparalleled to any other firm in the Tampa, Florida area.


Document Witnesses:

If you are well enough to be aware of your surroundings in an unfortunate situation such as a hit-and-run, do everything you can to take contact information from a​​ny and all witnesses that may be present. Even if they did not see the accident themselves, seeing you and your demeanor after getting out of your car is essential evidence for your case if you’re looking to pursue. If you can have a loved one or a friend get a statement from a witness if you happen to be injured, this will never hurt your case and we will help you understand the process therein.


Medical Treatment:

After you are safe, get the treatment you need and look for an attorney. Experienced counselors will make it their job to get you the compensation that you need and deserve. Accidents can be devastating, but at Kemp we pride ourselves on getting our clients their lives back, pre-incident. It is not an easy task, but we are on your side. We have seen the worst of the worst and we are not only sympathetic, but passionate about helping you get through this time in your life that may seem absolutely impossible to navigate.


Consult An Attorney:

If you are feeling better after an injury, please contact us. But please make sure your health comes first, see the doctor, follow up and when you are ready, contact us immediately. We don’t like to see innocent people get into financial trouble for seeking medical help. Always remember it is not your fault, you have these medical bills and pain and suffering after any accident. We are motivated to help you because we are personally involved in every case and we are passionate about getting you your life back post incident. We have seen how hard it can be and we are more than happy to help, whether it’s a simple consultation or a full trial, we are here for you and will remain by your side every step of the way.

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