When a Tampa motorist is injured in a car or truck accident, there are two important actions that a personal injury lawyer will perform for their clients.

(Tampa, FL  February 2022) Being injured in a car or truck accident caused by the negligence of someone else in Florida may often become a very complex legal situation.  Injured motorists should hire a Tampa car accident lawyer at Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group to help them figure out all their options.

The first thing that a Tampa car accident lawyer will do is provide fresh insight of the accident scene.  The scene of a car accident is typically very chaotic. Drivers may be shaken up, and some drivers may have been injured and taken away by ambulance.

When a Tampa personal injury lawyer from Kemp, Ruge & Green gets the call for a personal injury case, the first thing they will do is perform their accident scene investigation.  They are trained and experienced in what to look for at an accident scene. They know what questions to ask and what information they will need to file their client’s injury claim. During this time, they will try to gather all the necessary evidence and available information pertaining to the accident for their client. They may speak to the police that were called to the scene and request a copy of the police report that was filed. They may also request any pictures that were taken of the accident scene. All these details are used to help ensure their client has the best possible chances of winning their injury claim.

The second vitally important task that a Tampa personal injury attorney will perform is handling all interactions with the insurance companies.  This is important as a personal injury lawyer fights for their clients to ensure that they get the compensation they are entitled to for their injuries sustained in the accident.

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