Marlon Monteiro, Esq

Marlon M. Monteiro hails from the vibrant city of Boca Raton, Florida, and proudly earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from The Florida State University in May 2019. His academic journey was adorned with diverse interests, as he minored in General Business, English, and Psychology. Remarkably, Marlon accomplished this feat in just three years, showing his commitment to learning.

Returning to South Florida, Marlon M. Monteiro pursued his Juris Doctor at Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad College of Law, graduating in May 2022. Throughout law school, he consistently earned a place on the Dean’s List, reflecting his ongoing commitment to academic success. Marlon also actively participated in various student groups, showcasing his dedication to a well-rounded legal education and broader engagement within the legal community.

Since starting his legal career in April 2023, Marlon has been making a positive impact. He began working at a small law firm in Fort Lauderdale, where he successfully handled hundreds of cases and strongly advocated for his clients. Marlon’s excellent communication skills and patience make him the person to reach out to, not just to resolve cases but also to help clients move forward with whatever they need.

Outside of work, Marlon is a big soccer fan and enjoys spending quality time with friends and family. He speaks Portuguese fluently and can hold a conversation in Spanish, adding a friendly and approachable touch to his professionalism. People in both legal and personal circles find Marlon likable and easy to connect with.

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