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  |  September 1, 2022
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Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Spring Hill, Florida

“So honestly this place has helped me in some of my most difficult times. Attorney Kemp is amazing helped with all my questions and concerns. Gave me reassurance before surgery and one of the best people you can meet. Best place to go for all of your legal needs.”

-Jose Perez, client review

Florida Truck Accident Lawyers Representing Injury Victims In Spring Hill

Nobody who lives in Spring Hill or visits the area expects to get seriously injured in a truck accident. However, it is important to know that truck crashes can happen anywhere. Semi-trucks deliver goods to stores and restaurants in the Spring Hill area, and they are involved much too often in collisions on US 19 and even on local roads. Since 18-wheelers are so much larger and heavier than passenger vehicles, occupants of cars and SUVs frequently suffer devastating injuries in truck crashes.

If you or someone you love got hurt in a trucking collision, you should speak with a Spring Hill truck accident lawyer today.

Getting The Facts About Spring Hill Trucking Collisions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides facts and figures that help to demonstrate the seriousness of large truck collisions:

  • Nearly 4,900 people died in truck crashes in 2017, and more than 4,100 died in trucking collisions in 2018;
  • Majority of people killed in truck accidents are smaller vehicle occupants;
  • More than 100,000 injury accidents involving large trucks happen every year; and
  • Large trucks are involved in more than 350,000 collisions involving property damage on an annual basis.

Truck accidents have many different causes, and a variety of parties may be liable in a truck crash case. Given that each trucking collision has its own particular facts, you should always have an experienced lawyer assess the merits of your case and help you to understand your options for taking your case forward.

Contact A Truck Accident Attorney In Spring Hill

If a negligent truck driver or a trucking company is responsible for your serious injuries, it is extremely important to begin working with one of our Spring Hill truck accident attorneys on your claim. When insurance coverage is insufficient to compensate you for your losses, you could be eligible to file a truck accident lawsuit. While many individual motorists in car accident cases do not often have substantial assets from which they can pay a large damages award in a car accident lawsuit, the same is not true of truck collisions. In many truck accident cases, truck owners or trucking companies can be held liable, and they tend to have deep pockets from which to provide injury victims with compensation.

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Why Should I Hire Kemp, Ruge & Green?

It is very easy to describe what Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group does. Our mission statement says it all. We strive to “relentlessly pursue protecting our clients and improving our community through respect, communication and service.” Put more simply, we help people.

Everything we do is with that singular purpose in mind. If a client has been injured by someone else, we will do everything we can to make sure they get the best possible medical care at little or no expense to them. If a client is going through a divorce, we will vigorously work to help them get everything they need to put the pieces of their life back together and to make sure their rights are protected.

Our firm is unique; we are committed to our community and our clients with a level of legal expertise that is among the highest in the area. In fact, we were featured in Positively Tampa for our efforts.

Our attorneys are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a national group that provides a network for information exchange, local assistance and case referrals to top trial lawyers in America who have won large, complex cases. Fewer than 1% of attorneys nationwide earn this high distinction. We always provide legal representation in your best interests, maintaining open communication lines, and keeping you updated about your case every step of the way.

Regardless of where you live in the Tampa Bay region, including Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, and Hernando Counties, we look forward to helping you make the best of your situation. Many of our attorneys have been acclaimed as among the 1% of all attorneys in the country, and they’re right here in our area, ready to help you.

Common Questions About Truck Accidents in Spring Hill, FL

  • What is a Deposition?
  • The easiest way to think of a deposition is that it is a question-answer session. You will show up one day with me or another attorney from our firm to a court reporter’s office and you will be placed under oath and then the other side, their attorney gets an opportunity to ask you questions. You simply just respond to the questions to the best of your ability and at the end you will have an opportunity to review the transcript to see if there are any errors or changes that you feel did not get recorded correctly.
  • What is Litigation?
  • All it means is once a case actually gets filed with the court system. So you have pre-lit which is when you are negotiating, you are working with the defendants to try to come up with a compromise without the need to actually file that complaint. When the case actually gets filed with the court system, that’s when we say it’s in litigation.
  • What Happens When Moving a Case from Pre-litigation to Litigation?
  • When you have a case when it actually goes into litigation along the way there are some additional things that you as the client are asked to help with and the first one is we will have what are called discovery served on us. That is interrogatories, requests to produce requests for admissions. What those are are questions to you and they are basically asking you to provide information about what’s going on in your lawsuit. You work with our office, we get your responses prepared, you review them to make sure that they are accurate and correct. Then you actually go in front of a notary and you sign and you state that. Then we also get documents and we produce those and then on the steps we have what is called a deposition. A deposition is a question and answer session that you sit in with your attorney and the other side and they ask you what’s going on in the case of what’s going on with your injuries. After the deposition you have what is called mediation which is another chance to try to resolve the case with a neutral third-party called the mediator and then if we can’t resolve the case along that path we ultimately get what’s called a trial. That’s when you go in front of the jury and we try to resolve the case and have the jury come back with a decision.

Living in Spring Hill

Spring Hill is a Tampa suburb with a population of slightly over 100,000 people. Despite its relatively large size, the city has a rural and close-knit feeling. Sitting within Hernando County, Spring Hill lies at the geographic center of Florida near several large metropolitan areas.

It’s a popular city for growing families due to its low cost of living and a wide range of employment options in nearby Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Orlando. The median cost of a home is about $170,000 and the cost of living index is lower than the national average.

While the city consistently gets high rankings for amenities and affordability, it also has a certain amount of drug crime and even occasional violent crime. The poverty rate here is 14.6%, which is higher than the national average of about 11%.

Spring Hill Local Services & Emergency Contact Information

In an emergency, always call 911.

After a motor vehicle crash:

Fire Department

Police/Sheriff Departments


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