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Blog   |  July 21, 2020
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Key Points of this Article

  • Social distancing has forced a different perspective on marriage
  • Confinement can cause before unseen marital stresses
  • The pandemic is testing the strength of many marriages across the country

Divorce In The Time Of A Pandemic

In an effort to keep everyone safe, a majority of local and state governments, as well as the federal government, are advocating that everyone stay inside as much as possible and if you are in public to wear a mask and observe social distancing practices.

While in theory this sounds like a beneficial course of action to take in order to reduce and eventually eliminate the spread of the virus, in reality these measures are constructing a much more unusual reality than could have been anticipated. While comfort and safety were the intended consequences, instead confinement and isolation have bred fear and anxiety. This is what millions of Americans are now experiencing due to the pandemic. The situation is increasingly one of stress. Whether it is from a financial, social, emotional, or physical aspect that stress can weigh heavily on a marriage.

Did The Pandemic Cause It Or Expose It

Marriage is a lot of work and can be difficult at times normally, so add a situation like the pandemic into the mix and it only serves to potentially further complicate things. Living with your spouse means having a shared space and normally that works out fine because you have other places to go like work, the gym, or the store. You are not there 24/7 without a break.

Maybe you begin to argue about things that usually wouldn’t bother you. Perhaps you talk about subjects that can be quite controversial and come to the realization that you have very different ways of thinking. Having this dedicated time to explore, test, and probe each other on a myriad of topics may lead you to find something that you do not like about the other person that you didn’t realize existed before. Was it there all along? Are they truly not who you thought they were? Is this newfound information a deal-breaker?

That may be the case, but it could also be the fact that you are observing and analyzing things in an unnatural manner that are causing you to find these things based upon peculiar circumstances. In a sense, they were created in response to the pandemic and not uncovered due to it. In some cases this can be a blessing in disguise that has now forced your hand toward the inevitable end: divorce.

Is It Time For A Divorce?

Deciphering whether these issues or problems were pre-existing conditions or born out of an unfavorable situation is the main challenge. Do these discoveries ultimately mean divorce? Not necessarily, you can try to work through it yourselves (plenty of time while being under quarantine) or seek professional help via a phone or internet based option. Let’s say that doesn’t work, what’s next?

If ultimately you find yourself wanting a divorce, then you need to seek out a Family Law Lawyer, specifically a Divorce Lawyer. The process can normally be a lengthy and difficult one, but now with all that is going on it can prove more difficult and take even longer. Choosing the right lawyer, like always, is crucial to ensuring that your journey to an eventual finalized divorce is as painless as possible.

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