There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a divorce attorney in Florida. One of them is, of course, looking at the experience of the lawyer that you are looking to hire. If you have certain issues in your divorce csae, that this attorney has experience in handling, I think that is very crucial. In some cases, divorce can get very complex. It’s not a simple matter of dividing a house, getting some time-sharing with the children, and a 401k. Sometimes it can things like valuing a business or what sort of future income is going to be and making some sort of projection with regard to alimony or something of that nature. Thus, it is very important to look at an attorney’s prior experience in handling those kinds of matters when considering a divorce attorney.

I think it’s also about personality as well. I know that oftentimes there is a premium put on whether or not the attorney is “aggressive.” My personal opinion about that is that aggression is not always a good thing. Sometimes if you’re too aggressive you’ll push the other party in the other direction, rather than seeking a favorable resolution that would be good for both parties. So, that’s certainly something to consider when choosing a good attorney.

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