The basic idea of a prosecutor is a job of a person who represents the people of the state of Florida. And, his job is to prosecute crimes that have been brought to the state’s attorney office’s attention that have been committed. The really important question is who does the prosecutor have a duty to and who does the defense attorney have a duty to. The prosecutor has a duty not to win a case, not to a particular person, he has a duty to the entire state of Florida and a duty to seek justice. That doesn’t always mean he has a duty to seek a conviction. He has a duty to seek out an appropriate, fair resolution of a matter. The defense attorney’s duty is to protect one person. So where I, as a defense attorney, have a duty to protect my client, a prosecutor’s duty is not to help his office, not to help the people he works with, but to make sure he is doing what is just; sometimes that even involves dismissing cases.

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