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The Polk County sheriff’s office reported a fatal motorcycle accident on Wednesday, July 6th, near Berkley Road around 4 pm. The motorcyclist and his passenger were killed when their motorcycle slammed into the side of a van turning left on Berkeley Road. The motorcycle driver was traveling at a high rate of speed when fleeing from a police stop. Police were not engaged in the chase. The passengers of the van that was struck had minor injuries.

This Would Have Been A Complex Case If The Motorcyicst Had Survived

If the motorcyclist had survived the accident, it is assumable that he would have been charged with fleeing and eluding police. He would have needed a criminal defense attorney to represent him in court. Depending on his past criminal record, this is a serious charge and could lead to jail time.

Since he was the cause of the accident, his insurance company would be held responsible for any personal injury received in the accident to the other vehicle as well as his passenger. In this event, the motorcycle passenger died. This means that a wrongful death claim could be made by her family and that there may be a need for other family law issues.

Damages to the van that was hit may fall under a property insurance claim or under a car accident claim. Other issues may also arise from this claim if anyone was working at the time of the accident.

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