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CAR ACCIDENTS   |  September 24, 2020
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RIVERVIEW, FL – An SUV crashed into a Riverview building but fled the crash scene on Sunday morning.

According to 10 Tampa Bay, an SUV lost control while heading southbound on U.S. Highway 301, when it crossed the median and struck a nearby building. The building then erupted into flames.

After the crash the driver fled the scene. The SUV also struck a privacy fence and utility pole before crashing into the building. Police are searching for the suspect.

Hitting a vehicle and fleeing the crash scene is a crime. Plus, it leaves others involved in the crash at risk for not getting immediate medical attention. Were you a victim of a hit-and-run crash? You might be entitled to compensation. A Riverview Hit-and-Run Car Accident Attorney at Kemp Law Group Law Group will fight on your behalf for maximum possible compensation. Call us today at 727-853-6034 or respond in our online chat box to request a free consultation.

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