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CAR ACCIDENTS   |  October 8, 2021
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TAMPA, FL – According to Tampa Free Press, an alleged impaired teen plowed head-on into a police vehicle Thursday.

The teen was driving a dark-colored pickup truck when he began striking vehicles in the parking lot of Ivy Rose. An off-duty officer was working at the club and was made aware of the incident by some of the club’s patrons. The officer then got into her vehicle to try and locate the suspect.

Citizens flagged down the officer at Fowler Ave and Leroy Collins Blvd to inform him the suspect had just gone the wrong way down northbound Leroy Collins Blvd.

The teen’s vehicle struck the officer as she was activating her emergency lights. The officer suffered minor injuries that were caused by her vehicle’s airbag being deployed.

The officer detained the teen for the hit-and-run collisions at Ivy Rose. She noticed signs of impairment in the teen and then arrested him for DUI.

Authorities have not released the name of the suspect at this time. The teen was not injured in the collisions.

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