A juvenile offense can follow a person for life. Protect your future or the future of your young family members with the help of a Tampa Bay juvenile offense lawyer.

In Florida and the Tampa Bay area, young people sometimes find themselves on the wrong side of the law due to bad decisions, running with the wrong crowd or giving in to peer pressure. Because children are still learning the rules of the law, juvenile offenses are often addressed through rehabilitation rather than hard punishment.

However, that doesn’t mean a young person won’t be punished in the state of Florida. Under Florida law, a “child,” “juvenile” or “youth” is defined as any person under the age of 18. The law also covers a person who is alleged to have committed a crime or violation of a law before reaching the age of 18. Juveniles can face harsh consequences that discourage them from breaking the law in the future. They may face fines, community service, jail time or even prison time if the case is moved to adult court. Oftentimes, a juvenile’s parents or guardians must share the burden of this punishment.

Every minor in Tampa Bay deserves the best legal representation and the best chance to move forward from a difficult situation. The juvenile offense lawyers at Kemp Law are qualified and ready to give juveniles, their parents or guardians legal assistance for juvenile charges such as:

  • Vandalism. Acts of vandalism and property crimes don’t seem like they would carry a stiff sentence, but they can be quite serious if a high dollar value is involved.
  • Robbery and burglary. A juvenile conviction for robbery or burglary can result in juvenile incarceration and include heavy fines.
  • Drug charges. A drug conviction can make a juvenile ineligible for college student loans and grants, as well as interfere with future job opportunities for them down the road.
  • Assault and battery. Crimes against other people, like assault and battery, are taken very seriously by Florida courts. You’ll need legal representation to make your case as strong as possible.
  • Sex crimes. A sex crime conviction can force a juvenile to register as a sex offender for life and may restrict where they are allowed to live.

With the help of Kemp Law, juveniles in Tampa and the surrounding area can seek the best outcome during a challenging time. We are well-known throughout Tampa Bay for our legal representation of juvenile offenders.

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Juvenile offenders need extra care and attention, something we truly understand at Kemp Law. We will take time to explain the specific legal consequences of an offense to the juvenile, their parents or guardians and describe what will happen next with their case.

In fact, our clients have extremely high satisfaction because we take a warm and caring approach to every case, including juvenile offense cases. Take a look at other client testimonials and see how we’re helping people every day here in Tampa Bay.

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If you are a parent or guardian of an alleged juvenile offender, please reach out to us for a free and confidential case evaluation. Every case is unique, and your case evaluation will immediately shed some light on your situation. In addition, here are some answers to common questions about Florida juvenile offenses:

How serious is a juvenile offense?

It would be a mistake to assume that a juvenile offense isn’t serious. These crimes and their result in Florida courts can follow a person for life, limiting their choices in colleges, student aid, jobs, housing and more. Take any juvenile offense charges seriously and contact a Tampa Bay juvenile offense lawyer.

Do children really go to jail for juvenile offenses?

In Florida, a child can be arrested and enter the juvenile justice system, which may result in incarceration in a secure juvenile detention facility. Their case may also be moved to adult court at the urging of the prosecutor.

Can a juvenile be questioned by the police without their parents present?

Under Florida law, a child can be questioned by the authorities with or without the presence of their parent or guardian. However, it’s ideal to have a parent or guardian present, as well as a Tampa Bay juvenile offense lawyer who can help ensure the child’s rights are protected.

Do I have to pay money up-front for a juvenile offense case?

When you choose Kemp Law for a juvenile offense case, you will pay no up-front fees and we will give you a free and confidential initial consultation. Our fees will be taken at the resolution of your case, after we have helped you and your child.

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We welcome juvenile offenders and their families to contact us as soon as possible after an arrest or charge for a juvenile offense. We’ll help you understand what’s next legally with regard to your circumstances and help you get a fair shake in the justice system.

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