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Blog   |  August 3, 2014
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Happy August 1st! They say this month is the last full month of summer, but that never seems to matter here in Florida. What does matter is that you take a moment to check out all that’s been going on in the last month. Specifically, please look at all the recalls and defects that occurred during July. We have them listed below, followed by some tips for dealing with parking lot accidents and some community news. Enjoy!

Recalls and Defects:

Quick, name every recall or defect the news has covered in the last month…we are guessing you will not come up with 46. However, 46 is how many there were. Any idea how many different manufacturers were involved? 25…and they span all the different classes of automobile: Hyundai, Mazda, Chrysler, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes and more. If you vehicle is ever recalled, it is imperative you bring it in for maintenance. However, most people do not even know if their vehicle has been recalled, because only the “major” ones get  publicized . Well, our website is here to help! We keep an up-to-date list of all recalls and defects to keep you informed. Stay safe!

Parking Lot Problems:

While addressed what to do following a traditional accident here, we wanted to specifically talk about what to do following a parking lot accident. These types of accidents create unique challenges, and it is important for you to know how they are different from regular car accidents. Read on so you can know the difference and pass along vital information to the people in your life (continue reading).

Fast 50 Awards: 

We came in 22nd in Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Tampa Bay! We placed in the top 25 of the Fast 50 for the third year in a row. We know this awards is not just a recognition of our hard work, but also a recognition of how amazing our clients and community are. We appreciate all of you, and thank you for the opportunity to succeed.

Gobbler 5k/10k Registration:

Once again, we will be the title sponsor of the 2nd Annual Gobbler 5k, and this time there will also be a 10K race! If you missed the event last year, do not make that mistake again! We had excellent food, lots of prizes, amazing local vendors and great fun for the whole family. Register early, as the event sold out, and it will likely do so again. Also, check in on our Facebook and g+ pages, as we will be giving away entries just like last year.

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