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Bus accidents   |  July 27, 2022
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On July 6, 2022, two semi-trucks traveling southbound on I-75 were involved in an accident with a pickup truck. One of the semi-trucks ran into the back of the other semi while traveling in the right-hand lane of I-75. When the impact occurred, the rear truck swerved, causing its trailer to tip over and crush the pickup truck. The passengers in the pickup thankfully only suffered minor injuries as did the driver of the first semi. Police are currently investigating the accident.

Trucking Accident Claims Are Complex Issues

The trucking industry is covered by both state and federal laws, both of which must be addressed in the event of an accident. Additionally, trucking accidents can have several responsible parties. Anyone who is injured in a trucking accident will need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to make a claim for compensation.

These claims often involve serious injuries, multiple insurance companies, and comprehensive investigations to establish fault. Trucking accidents require the knowledge and experience of a law firm that handles these types of cases. Working with an attorney is the best way to secure the maximum compensation package for your losses.

One Firm Is All You Need

Kemp, Ruge, and Green is a full-service law firm providing Tampa Bay area residents with a variety of legal services. In addition to helping those suffering from a personal injury, we also provide representation for family law matters.

If you find yourself being charged with a crime, Kemp, Ruge, and Green also provide criminal defense representation. We are here when you need us most. For property owners facing fights with insurance companies over property insurance claims, Kemp, Ruge, and Green can help. Call today for a free consultation and let us explore your legal issue and provide you with a solution.

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